Check Your Credit Score

Understanding your credit score and maintaining a good credit score are critical parts of getting financing for part, or all, of the IVF cost. Most lenders are not likely to approve a loan request unless your credit score is at least 660. If you enroll in a credit repair program, you can work on your personal fundraising campaigns until your credit score is high enough to be approved for a loan. Once you have enrolled in a preferred credit repair program, go to “Account Dashboard” to update your progress.

We recommend that you maximize your chance for an IVF loan approval by determining your current FICO credit score and understanding what is in your credit report.


MyFico allows you to get your FICO® score and credit report instantly. MyFico also offers a free 10 day trial of Score Watch® which will track your credit score and provide you with instant notifications so you will know the optimal time to apply for an IVF loan with one of our preferred lenders. allows you to check your credit report for free once per year. You will not receive your credit score.

Your Next Step

If you have checked your credit score and found that it is below 640, we recommend that you improve your credit score by enrolling in a credit repair program.  Click here to get started.

If you have checked your credit score and found that it is avove 640, we recommend that you apply for an IVF loan.  Click here to get started.

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