Fertility Financing: Stretching Your Dollar Further

InVitro Fertilization or IVF can sometime be very costly for most couples or intended parents. The cost of the different treatments involved with IVF differs from state to state and can significantly rise depending on the specific treatments required by the couple or intended parents. On the average the cost of IVF would roughly be anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 and the chances for success will vary. Such costs would require the best options to avail of the best fertility financing plan.

Fertility Financing: How to Maximize Your Savings

Thankfully today, there are now several great ways and resources of funding InVitro Fertilization. Low cost IVF programs may be available to couples or intended parents who lack the finances for an IVF program. To help you get started, here are a few tips for funding your IVF cycles:

1. Medical Grants – for couples or intended parents who lack the finances to fund their IVF journey, medical grant programs can be availed. This process does take a bit of time and patience because couples would have to complete application forms, submit requirements and wait for processing to see if they would qualify for the medical grant. But if couples are given this medical grant they would be able to properly finance their IVF because a grant program may help pay for IVF expenses and treatments.

2. Public Service Discounts – some fertility clinics will offer their services at a discounted rate if one of the patients works in the public service sector. It is always best to ask your fertility clinic if there is a discounted program available if you are a teacher, firefighter, police officer, or emergency medical technician. Some programs can be discounted by up to 25%.

3. Low Income Discounts – a few fertility clinics will offer access to their IVF services to people who meet low income requirements.  Typically, tax and pay stub information will need to be provided to the clinic to determine a patient’s eligibility.

4. IVF Financing Companies – there are now organizations and companies that help aid couples and intended parents to undergo their IVF treatments. Although this might not sound like a great idea at first because of the additional cost of the interest rates, this will actually help you fund your IVF program. Financing companies do charge interest rates but you can actually make flexible payments depending on your monthly income.

5. IVF Refund Programs – as a way to make IVF more reasonable and affordable, there are now IVF clinics that provide refund programs and discounts for IVF treatments. You can now find several clinics offering a package of 2-3 IVF cycles at a discounted rate compared to paying for each cycle individually. Couples and intended parents can save on this discounted program if they are found to have less successful chances with just one IVF cycle. For the refund programs, there are IVF clinics that provide some refund for failed IVF cycles. These refunds can actually be applied to the next IVF cycle.

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